Marshall Bros' Telebelt Services

Commercial - Residential - Industrial 

Safe, efficient and versatile our telebelts are ideal for any application.  

Marshall Brothers & Company is up for any challenge; our job is to save you time and labour. 

 There is no such thing as a perfect worksite.  Crowded, low clearance, limited access or rough, muddy terrain we are here to help.  

Application Versatility

  • Rock Placement
    • Drainage rock

    • Aggregates up to 4"

    • Gravel

  • Concrete Placement
    • Smooth operation

    • Slab pours

  • Wind Farms
    • Base pour

  • Tilt Up & Outdoor Slabs
    • Flexible 360-degree rotation

  • Foundation And Footings
    • Poured concrete foundation services

    • Weeping tile drainage rock installation

  • Environmental
    • Reclamation & Remediation Services

    • Sensitive ecosystem material placement

    • Land rehabilitation

    • Sustainable drainage system

  • Drainage Fields
    • Septic fields

    • Porous material installaton

  • Backfilling
    • Landscaping

    • Protecting foundation walls

    • Backfilling in lifts

    • Filling in hard to reach areas

  • Caissons
    • With a 110' reach we keep the material truck at the curb

    • No separation

    • No slump loss

  • Warehouse Slabs
    • Covers long distances in enclosed structures

    • Low unfolding height

  • Landscaping
    • Final grading

    • Decorative rock and mulch placement

  • Matt Pours
    • Smooth continuous operation

    • Provides a solution to complex logistics

  • Etc..

Marshall Bros' Benefits 

    • • Exact material placement.

    • • low clearance operations

    • • No priming and minimal washout waste.

    • • Safe

    • • Eliminates the need for other equipment.

    • • High volume material placement with less manpower and handling machinery.

    • • Quick setup and tear down convenience

    • • 110' of reach

    • • Helps keep the job site clean with accurate material placement.

    • •  Easy setup and operation.  

    • • We convey in enclosed structures and into limited access structures.

    • • Low-pressure output.

    • • 360 degree rotation of feeder and main belts.

    • • Perform multiple tasks from a single location.

    • • Increased productivity, little physical labour needed.

The Bottom Line

Fast, efficient and precise placement of a wide variety of materials in any location.  The Telebelt can save your time and costs at operatin speeds of up to 5 cu.yds. / min.  

Consolidates equipment schedules and timeframes by providing multiple applications on any project.  

Conveying with a telebelt ensures no separation, slump loss or loss of air entrainment on highly scrutinized concrete pours.  

The ability to convey long distances in enclosed structures with our low unfolding height.


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